Perdika, Thesprotias has been endowed with many kilometers of the clearest blue-green coastlines of the Ionian Sea. Its clean beaches have been awarded many times with the gold star, by the Hellenic Tourism Organization. Some of these, due to their rocky nature, are ideal for those who enjoy fishing. The waters are full of marine life.

Some of these beaches are:


The most famous beach in Perdika. Its beauty has made it a popular photograph in well-known travel guides of Greece, in brochures of the Hellenic Tourist Organization, in advertisements (the Nescafe commercial which showed horse riders on a beach) etc. It is a wide beach, with deep waters, white coarse sand and a large coastline. Its main characteristic is the blue-green color of the sea. The river “Paramythiotis” runs into the sea at Karavostasi, and on the mountain next to the coastline the ancient town of Elina (Dimokastro) can be found, where visitors can see the archeological sites.


Its correct name is “skaloma”. It has fine, dark sand, and very shallow water. It is ideal for young children as its depth, 50 meters from the beach, is about 1.5 meters. It also has a small harbor for small yachts.



Agia Paraskevi

The most picturesque beach in Perdika with a small island near its shores, which you can reach by swimming. It is an uninhabited island on which there was a church many years ago (now this church has been transferred to the shore). The waters are not very deep and the sand is coarse. There is a café near the beach. You can also view the amazing sunset behind Corfu. It is a beach of unique beauty, which will remain in your memories forever. To reach the beach, you follow the coastal road towards Sivota and turn left at the signs.


Between Karavostasi and Arilla there is a small beach, ideal for those who ask for peace away from the crowds. To reach this beach, at the junction between Karavostasi and Arilla, you follow the road to the hotel Regina Mare.



Kamini - Agali

Before you get to the beach of Agia Paraskevi, you pass two other picturesque beaches of Perdika, Kamini and Agali. They are small bays, peaceful beaches with clear waters.


A quiet beach with coarse sand/ pebbles hidden amongst the olive groves. It is the beach nearest to Perdika, and the first you will find on the road from Perdika to Syvota. You turn left at the sign which also leads to the campsite there.

Mega Drafi

These are the 3 northernmost beaches within the Perdika limits, but you can only get to the biggest of the three by car. To get to the second of these beaches you have to descend a footpath, and the third can only be reached by boat. The biggest of the three has a wonderful sandy beach and rather deep water. The caves found at the edge of the beach are an amazing sight!


Prapa Mali

The southernmost beach within Perdika, and the less known, as it is not accessible by car at the moment. It is found behind the archeological site of Dimokastro. It has fine sand and shallow waters. It is deserted and its beauty is well worth the effort you may make to get there!

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