Perdika is a picturesque village of rare beauty. Nature in uninterrupted succession. It is surrounded by beautiful, clear blue seas with particular natural beauty which satisfy all needs. The natural beauty of the area has made it a tourist attraction to both Greeks and foreigners particularly over the past few years. It is a place where you can enjoy peaceful and magical holidays,

Perdika, Thesprotia, built on a mountainside among the green olive trees and the woodland, is the ideal location for unforgettable holidays. It has about 2000 residents and during the summer months it is filled with thousands of tourists. Te climate is dry with an endless sea cool sea breeze. Ideal, attractive, truly magical, it provides a special experience for the visitors.

Perdika, Thesprotia is located in the north of the Ionian Sea in the southern part of the municipality of Thesprotia and consists of 2 residential areas (Perdika and Arilla) and is 35 km from Igoumenitsa and 15 km from Parga, Preveza. Opposite Perdika you can see southern Corfu and the islands of Paxos, and it can be reached via the coastal road between Parga and Syvota.



Dimokastro is an ancient Greek town, Elina, which was a colony of the Corinthians. Its name originates from the existence of two castles which were connected to each other (Twin castles). It was a community situated above the area of Karavostasi.

As well as this foundations of asbestos-built walls have been discovered which may date back to Roman times and also rectangular buildings which date back to the Hellenic era or earlier. Other remains consist of a ceramic roof from the settlement of 4 BC, funeral gifts form the same era and copper coins from Corfu dated to around the same time.

The oldest walls encircle a fairly smooth surface at the top of the mountain, which inclines westwards and they are strengthened by seven or eight rectangular columns. The two ends of the wall shape the main gate towards the East. An ancient road led up to the town from the plains. One gate on the southwest corner led towards the sea. In front of the gate a road of about 8 m can be traced, which led to the castle. Digging continues until this date.

The view from this location is magical and it is really worth visiting!

Saint Athanasios

A very old church built with stone amongst an olive grove. It has a long history and many people believe it to have miraculous powers. It is located next to the recreation park and on the 2nd May every year, the village celebrates this Saint’s Day here. Hundreds of people gather from all over the municipality and county to celebrate with traditional meals, music and dance.



Recreation Park

A natural park and wildlife reserve next to the monastery of Saint Athanasios. Whoever visits the park leaves with the best impression. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Perdika and thousands of people who have visited it up to now have left amazed.

It was constructed in 20001 within a woodland area of 2000 acres including a part of the river Paramythioti. Visit the park and see forest animals like deer, wild boar, hares, pheasants, grouse, tortoise as well as ducks, geese, swans, and fish that swim in the four marine habitats made for this reason. To be able to enjoy this unique place you can walk along suitably modified footpaths with lots of bridges which pass over the river. The main footpath is about 1km long and easily passable. There are, of course, more difficult footpaths and those who love hiking can climb up the 650 steps to the observation posts. Along all of the journey you will find signs with useful information as well as benches and kiosks so that you can relax. At the end of the walk you can find a 1000 year old bridge which is 30 meters high! An old water mill is also being renovated for future use.

Folklore Museum

This can be found in the central square of the village, opposite the council building and cultural centre. It includes exhibits which have been donated or lent to the museum by the villagers. Here, you can find traditional costumes, farming tools, household items, weapons and more. There is also an amphitheatre in the square, where many of the summer cultural events are held. They begin in July and last for about one and a half months. They include theatrical performances for both children and adults, sports events and more.


The view of the sunset from Perdika is fantastic. During the summer months the sun sets behind the island of Corfu changing the colour of the sky to a deep red. At night the lights from the island and from nearby Syvota are a truly fantastic sight. There are plenty of places in Perdika from which you can enjoy this unique sight which you will remember for the rest of your lives. The most ‘classic’ place from which to view this is the observation post.

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